About Us

Hello and welcome! My name is Nikki, and I'm the Founder of Manikior Luxury Press-On Nails.

Manikior has been in operation since April of 2020, just shortly after the nation-wide closures were going into effect. At the time, I held a prominent position within a fortune 500 company, and was forced to make a life-altering decision like countless others. I chose to invest in my gifts and talents, and I resurrected a forgotten passion. My love and fascination with the beauty industry has been prominent throughout my life, enabling me to acquire my cosmetology license at the age of 24. When the pandemic took place, it was the perfect storm for the birth of a new endeavor and from there, Manikior was born. What was thought to be just an adolescent dream, had given me the strength and courage to become a small-business owner. I've spent countless time and energy not only improving the finer aspects of running a business, but honing my skills as an artist, to ensure you receive the best quality press-ons every set. That is the Manikior standard, and it's what you deserve to complement your looks, your life, and your legacy. With that said, I'm beyond grateful. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for believing.