Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

Ordering starts every Sunday morning at 9 am est on a first come first serve basis. There are only 35 design level sets available every week. You must message me directly on instagram or send me an email ( with your order request, this must include your design request, nail shape, nail sizes and base color preference. Solid color sets and sizing kits are always available Monday-Friday in unlimited quantities unless stated otherwise for the week. Once orders are filled for the week, orders will be closed until the following Sunday.


How Do I Know What Size I Need?

There is a sizing kit available for purchase for every shape as well as a sizing guide for you to use if your choose to measure your nails at home. Make sure to size on your natural nails and at the widest part of each nail. If you are in between sizes make sure to size up and file down the sides to best fit your nail bed. A full sizing tutorial available on my Instagram @manikior.nails

How Do I Remove My Manikior Nails?

If using liquid glue please remember that with proper application they are meant to last at least 2 weeks, do not try to remove glued on nails anytime before 10 days. If using temporary glue tabs they are safely removed in a bit of warm water and oil. A full removal tutorial on my instagram page @manikior.nails

How Do I Apply My Manikior Nails?

When applying your Manikior luxury press-on nails you have 2 options: Liquid Glue Application- Meant to last 14+ days (Full instructions on the back of each card you receive your nails on).  Temporary Glue Tabs- Meant to last 1-3 days. Follow the same prep steps for the liquid glue just use the correct size glue tab instead when applying. A full application tutorial available on my instagram page @manikior.nails


Is Glue Included With My Order?

Yes! Every order of Manikior luxury press-on nails comes with a complimentary application kit that includes liquid nail glue, sponge buffer, nail file, alcohol wipe, and cuticle pusher (plus some extra goodies!) If you prefer to use temporary glue tabs please ask for them upon placing your order.

What Are The Nails Made Of?

Every set of Manikior luxury press-on nails is made from 100% soft gel materials!


What Shapes Do You Have?

Extra short round, extra short square, extra short coffin, short round, short square, short almond, short stiletto, medium almond, medium coffin, medium square.

How Long Do Manikior Nails Last, and Are They Reusable?

Manikior luxury press on nails are hand made with durability being the first priority! With proper prep and application they can last 14+ days with liquid glue. They are reusable with proper removal and care on average up to 5 times.